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Injured On The Job? Denied Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

When people are injured on the job in Illinois, they count on workers’ compensation to cover their medical bills and lost wages until they can go back to work. Unfortunately, workers are sometimes denied workers’ compensation for a variety of reasons.

At the law firm of Hutchison, Anders & Hickey, we advise and represent injured workers in Tinley Park and Orland Park, and throughout Will County and Cook County. We work hard to ensure that our injured clients get the medical care and compensation they are entitled to under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

We Help Injured Workers Secure The Compensation They Need

Many workers’ claims are often denied because the worker failed to give proper notice of the injury, omitted certain information during the filing process, or waited too long to file. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys understand workers’ compensation laws and have successfully assisted workers who have been injured.

Retain us, and we can answer your workers’ compensation questions and ensure that the proper procedures are followed. We can ensure that your injury is properly diagnosed and documented, your employer is properly notified of your injury, and that your medical bills and records are submitted to your employer’s insurance company.

We can also gather the necessary medical evidence to support your claim and represent you in an appeal if your claim is denied. If you are temporarily or permanently disabled, we can assist you in filing a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance.

Work Injuries Caused By ‘Third Parties’

For some on-the-job injuries, injured parties must pursue compensation from parties other than their employers. For instance, a construction worker who is injured by an employee for another contractor, or a driver who is injured in a highway collision while on the job, may need to seek additional compensation from the person or entity that is responsible for the injury (or their insurers). We pursue these third-party workers injury claims for our clients as part of our personal injury legal practice.

Helping Injured Workers Get Back On Their Feet

At Hutchison, Anders & Hickey, we are dedicated to helping injured workers obtain the compensation they need, so they can keep up with their bills and provide for themselves and their families while they recuperate. For more information about how our Tinley Park workers’ compensation lawyers can help you, contact us online or by calling 708-620-6081.