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Guidance In Child Custody And Parentage Matters

Unmarried couples who share children face special challenges regarding the role of each party in a child’s upbringing.

A birth mother may want nothing to do with a biological father as she faces the years ahead — or she may be open to receiving child support in return for sharing custody or granting visitation rights. The father may be willing to undergo DNA testing to prove parentage, in order to grow closer to the child.

Whatever your custody and paternity situation, whether you are unmarried or ending a marriage, the attorneys who advise and advocate for your rights work for Hutchison, Anders & Hickey.

Our accomplished family law team listens carefully to your wishes and applies state law in ways that advance your custody and parenting time goals. Along the way, the prompt and responsive personal service we provide is second to none. We are dedicated to your brighter future.

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Expect quality legal services that include:

  • Determining the appropriate level of custody — sole, joint, legal and physical
  • Assistance with the noncustodial parent’s availability for parenting time arrangements
  • Recommending methods for involving both parents in the specifics of a child’s development
  • Requesting or contesting attempts to relocate out of state with a child
  • Modifications of custody after sudden, substantial changes of circumstance, and enforcements for visitation when responsibilities are repeatedly overlooked

Everything we do for you is designed with “the best interests of the child” in mind. We maintain open lines of communication with you, start to finish, so that any obstacle for your case can be addressed immediately. We are as focused on your issues as we would be for members of our own families.

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Our experienced divorce and family lawyers have made a positive difference in the lives of child custody and parentage clients for more than 45 years. Are you an unmarried couple mired in disagreements over child access? We work hard to smoothly guide you through the legal process.

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