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Helping You Back On Your Feet After An Auto Accident

An injury from a motor vehicle accident can bring your normal routine to a halt. You may miss work during the recovery process and find that expenses quickly add up. You need a local law firm with the legal experience and devotion to clients to help you obtain needed compensation to get back on track.

At Hutchison, Anders & Hickey, in Tinley Park, our attorneys have been a part of the community since 1968. We have the experience to recover fair financial compensation for you. Our team handles the legal issues so that your focus can stay on recovery after a personal injury.

Preparation And Attention To Detail

In any auto accident, it is crucial to identify the cause of the crash. As the person who was seriously injured, you may not recall the moments before the accident happened. If you do, it may be a blur and you may not have seen what another driver was doing in those split seconds.

Our evidence-gathering process starts with a review of police reports and sometimes a visit to the scene of the accident. When needed, we also bring in auto accident reconstructionists and other experts who can help us prove the fault of the negligent party or parties. We then work with medical doctors, vocational rehabilitation specialists and sometimes even economists to assess the extent of an injury and how it will affect a client’s future. This preparation and attention to detail are crucial to skillful negotiations with insurers.

If those discussions are not productive, we do not hesitate to take these claims to court. Our persuasive trial presentations consistently resonate with judges and juries, translating to the kind of positive track record that is recognized throughout the region.

Examples of accident personal injury claims that the firm handles include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including car accidents, truck and motorcycle accidents, crashes involving large commercial vehicles, and bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • If an auto accident occurred while on the job, we can handle both the workers’ compensation and third-party claims aspects, including when there are multiple defendants.

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Hutchison, Anders & Hickey can help you recover your dignity, peace of mind and financial stability in the aftermath of a serious injury. To discuss your circumstances and options for compensation, contact us online or call us at 708-620-6081.

Home and hospital visits are available upon request when injuries prevent travel. The firm’s contingency fee policy means that no legal fees are owed to us unless we win your case.