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What Is The Probate Process?

When lawyers use the word “probate,” they are talking about the legal process of resolving an estate. Probate actions concern the administration of assets and possessions of a person who has died or is no longer able to handle his or her affairs.

When lawyers say an estate has been probated, it usually means that all claims against those assets and possessions (the estate) have been resolved, and that the deceased or incapacitated person’s property has been distributed to the estate’s legal heirs or legatees. Probate may also be necessary to pass title to a property or vehicle.

Our Lawyers Make Probate Easier

At Hutchison, Anders & Hickey, in Tinley Park, Illinois, we have been assisting clients throughout Will and Cook counties by making the probate process easier for over 45 years.

Our experienced probate attorneys advise estate executors, estate beneficiaries and people given powers of attorney over the care of individuals. We also assist clients in drafting estate plans so they can dictate how their estates will be administered while potentially averting probate disputes.

We represent our clients to assert their legal rights and to defend their interests through probate litigation. We have successfully navigated the complicated, and sometimes hazardous, waters of probate and probate disputes for generations of local clients.

Finally, we represent trustees and beneficiaries of trusts in all aspects of the administration of a trust throughout the life of the trust and upon death of the primary beneficiary or beneficiaries, including identification and collection of trust assets and disbursement to contingent beneficiaries.

Our Probate And Guardianship Services

Our lawyers advise and represent clients in probate matters, involving:

  • Execution of wills
  • Intestate administration (administering a person’s estate if he or she dies without a valid will)
  • Estate administration
  • Trust administration
  • Powers of attorney
  • Guardianship and conservatorships
  • Business succession
  • Litigation concerning contested wills, trusts, estate fraud and other matters

Probate Done The Right Way

For more information about our probate services, or to discuss your circumstances and options with an experienced Tinley Park probate attorney, contact us online or call us at 708-620-6081.