Your Law Firm Today and

For Years To Come

Your Law Firm Today. Your Law Firm Tomorrow.

When attorney Richard Hutchison established his general practice law firm more than 40 years ago, Tinley Park was a small community of 15,000. Today, it is a burgeoning city of more than 50,000 that has maintained our rural roots, yet is increasingly a part of the Chicago metropolitan area.

Our region’s impressive residential and commercial growth during the past 20 years has led to increased development. As Tinley Park has changed, so have the needs of our clients. They still seek our counsel and representation when they need to draft a contract, settle an estate or buy or sell a home.

However, they also increasingly seek our help when they are injured on the job or after car accidents on local roads. Changing circumstances have led us to see more clients in need of divorce, child custody and other family legal services.

Relationships Matter To Us

We’ve responded to these changes. We’re bigger now. We handle more cases, in a larger area, and in ever more populous surroundings. But we have also retained the things that made us special: Our relationships with our clients and our willingness to listen to their concerns. We do everything possible to ensure they obtain results, and their money’s worth, from our services. Retain us, and you will be:

  • Paired with an experienced and attentive attorney throughout your legal matter
  • Greeted by cheerful and helpful staff
  • Educated about your legal matter so you can make informed decisions
  • Informed of the status of your issue at all times during your legal process, no matter what the legal issues you have hired us to resolve.

Following In Our Founder’s Footsteps

The partners, attorneys and staff of Hutchison, Anders & Hickey are proud to follow in our founder’s footsteps by diligently serving customers and solving their legal problems. For many people reading this, we have been your law firm for a long time. For others, this may be your first introduction to our firm and our services. Either way, we have the same goal: to be your law firm now, and in years to come.

For more information, or to consult with one of our experienced lawyers, contact us online or by calling 708-620-6081.